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Waiting room toys: fun mirrors, circus mirrors, distortion mirrors, mulitple image mirrors, shatterproof mirrors for children.

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People Friendly Places circus fun mirrors make visitors look tall, or thin, or funny--never ugly. The multiple image distortion mirrors make people laugh, relax and wonder. Fun mirrors are a great addition to a public waiting room, reception area, doctor's office, hospital playroom, pediatric exam room, medical office, children's retail store, family restaurant and any place you want to make visitors smile.

Made in the USA our Harpo full-body mirrors and Oak frame upper-body mirrors create the best true distortion because we know how to bend the mirror material to create a special distortion, not just a bent image of a face. We make a high-quality frame to hold the high-tech mirror material. This material is shatterproof, scratch resistant and more durable than the thin reflective plastic used in low-priced wall mirrors and fun mirrors.

Eco-friendly "green" fun mirrors are better for the people who use them. Because they are made in the United States they reduce the amount of petroleum that's imported, improve air quality, reduce landfill issues, and limit emissions associated with shipping from foreign factories.

Installation & Care Instructions: All of our wall mirrors attach securely to flat surfaces, even the full body fun mirrors. Our superior quality mirrors can be cleaned to satisfy hospital standards with window cleaner or a green-cleaning product. Clean all economy acrylic multiple image mirrors and decorative mirrors with Pledge, never with ammonia-based window cleaners otherwise the acrylic material will get permanent white streaks. For more cleaning information refer to the home page, maintenance box.

Custom orders welcome on 25+ units. Call for details.

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