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Waiting room toys: play centers, playhouses, specialty toys, children's specialty furniture, activity center.

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A play center will attract a lot of children to an area designated for them, even if they are non-readers. Use a People Friendly Places play center and activity center to your best advantage:

PFP premium play centers come in sizes to accommodate 2-10 children. Our safe, single-story, open format play centers engage children in pretend play that makes time pass quickly. Parents can see their kids at all times in our free-standing or wall-mounted centers which eliminates supervision and safety issues, unlike the multi-story play centers, ball pits, and large tunnel play centers.

You can get a whopping 60% - 325% increase in client’s and staff satisfaction when visiting children have an area to wait in that is clean, cheerful, wonderful-smelling and playful; in which they can relax in comfort and safety. Because our play centers are single story and open, they are much easier to keep clean by maintenance staff, compared to multi-story centers, ball pits, and large crawl-through tunnel centers.

Now Available: optional green-core materials with 0 urea-formaldehyde and recycled wood fibers.          All PFP play centers are ECO-FRIENDLY, made of solid wood with a germ-resistant finish, or solid plastic without glued on plastic edges kids can pick at. The long-lasting durable finishes and large smooth surfaces clean easily to satisfy hospital cleaning standards. Made in U.S.A. and North America.

Custom orders welcome on 10+ units. The world's best toys for kids are made by People Friendly Places.


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