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Children's waiting rooms: green furniture products, green waiting room furniture, green tables and chairs, green children's area rugs and carpets, environmentally friendly children's furniture, green playroom furniture, sustainable children's furniture, sustainable children's area rugs and carpeting

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People Friendly Places eco-friendly commercial quality play products, furniture and flooring products, and decor are made with respect for the environment, the people involved in the production process, and the people who visit and work in a public environment.

"Green" products are in demand because they are ideal for public areas. Use earth-friendly waiting room and playroom toys and furniture, and "green and sustainable" area rugs and carpetiing for the healthcare and education markets, libraries, museums, and retail store play areas. Many of these products are also found in other categories of our website. We created this cross-reference section for your convenience.

Together we can protect the environment when you choose PFP waiting room toys, lounge and playroom furniture made with recycled materials, low-emitting glues without formaldehyde, and manufacturing methods that conserve on energy and the use of raw materials and natural resources. By keeping manufacturing in the U.S.A. we can reduce the amount of petroleum that's imported, improve air quality, reduce landfill issues by using more durable goods, and limit emissions associated with shipping from foreign factories. And we can help the U.S. economy by giving jobs to U.S. workers.

By using soil resistant materials and materials with built-in anti-static protection in high-traffic environments less energy and fewer cleaning products are needed in their upkeep.

We use a minimal amount of protective packaging and only use packaging materials that can be easily recycled for the shipping of our products.

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