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  Product Maintenance, Safety and Warranty
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Safety: Check and double check products weekly in busy environments to ensure child safety.  If a product has been damaged and a child could get hurt because of the disrepair remove the product from use immediately, even if that means removing a toy from a wall and leaving a blank space, or removing a piece of furniture from use. Then call People Friendly Places customer service at 1.858.539.2023, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday, to report the problem.

Unfortunately some parents do not supervise their children when they are visiting a public building and allow their children to play inappropriately and even to abuse equipment put there for everyone's enjoyment. This behavior is unsafe and should not be ignored. Someone can get hurt and cause a liability claim with your company. Our products are well-made but are not abuse-proof.

Pediatric Choke Test: if a piece can fit through a toilet paper tube it can choke a child if swallowed. For this reason we only sell toddler-safe DUPLO block play tables and DUPLO play wall systems and DUPLO blocks which can't choke a child. Do not use the smaller LEGO size blocks in an unsupervised play area.

Magnets: Our U.S.A. made magnetic toys, including wall toys and Toad fun tables have sealed magnets that do not pose a danger to children.