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Maintenance for waiting room toys, reception area furniture, children's area rugs, antimicrobial treated carpeting, interlocking play mats, water panels

Group A: Hard Surfaces

Natural and painted wood (play islands, wall toys, magnetic play tables, furniture, storage), high pressure laminates (table tops, bookcases), painted metal pieces, and non-transparent colored plastic pieces including the frames of select PFP wall toys. **Excludes the black thermal center of Touch N' See Handprints, Ocean, and Dino Dig, refer to Group C.

Group A Hard Surface cleaning: hospital germicidal cleanser such as Cavicide, to order: contact sales at:

Soap & water, 10:1 solution of water and bleach, Clorox Anywhere Daily Sanitizing Spray or Fantastic (both available in grocery stores).

Group B: Mirrors and Plastic

Acrylic mirrors and kid's fun distortion mirrors, clear or transparent or see-thru colored plastic components (PFP superior wall toys, play island window, magnetic play tables).

Group B Mirrors and Plastic cleaning: Use an anti-static plastic cleaner on plastic frames and mirrors such as Pledge or a similar furniture polish, do not use any glass cleaner such as Windex. Do not use ammonia or paper towels.

Group C: Absorbing Type Material

Touch N' See thermal panels (wall toys: Handprints, Ocean, and Dino Dig games).

Group C Absorbing Material cleaning: Apply mild soap and water on a damp, not wet sponge to clean the black thermal section and immediately wipe dry, no not let any liquids sit and get absorbed into the thermal panel.

How to remove crayon on Absorbing Touch N'See Panel: Apply isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol or De-Solv-It multi-purpose solvent to a clean cloth, wipe crayon from the black thermal panel, wipe dry.

Group D: Nylon Carpeting

children's area rugs, children's wall-to-wall carpeting

Group D Nylon Carpet cleaning: Vacuum or deep clean with professional carpet cleansers.

Group E: Synthetic rubber

children's activity puzzle mats, aka interlocking synthetic rubber floor mats

Group E Synthetic Rubber cleaning: The mats are made of the same rubber used in athletic shoes. Therefore, athletic shoes are the most likely materials to leave a dark mark, but it will come off. The rubber is pocked and holds dirt a little, which is why we recommend wiping first with a dry cloth and a little elbow grease. Vacuum on high setting weekly or wash with a 10:1 solution of water/bleach or Pine sol or non-acidic soap such as Mr. Clean. Once a year take outside to power wash on a low setting. Spot clean grease stains with GooGone

Group F: Vinyl Upholstery

toddler soft seating, climbers, ottomans, children's chairs and sofas

Group F Vinyl Upholstery cleaning: First vacuum to remove loose dirt.

Vinyl Upholstery with Normal Soil: mix a mild laundry detergent (ex. Tide) with water or use a hospital germicidal cleanser such as Cavicide

Or, Soap & water, or 10:1 solution of water and bleach. 

Apply to upholstery, rinse area with clean water, dry.

Vinyl Upholstery with Oily or Greasy Stains: follow manufacturer's instructions for removing stains from vinyl. K2r stain remover

Capture stain remover

How to Disinfect Vinyl Upholstery: use 1/4 C bleach diluted in 1 gallon of water then wipe with clean water and dry.

Group G: Water Filled Decorative Panels

Group G Water Filled Panels cleaning and maintenance: Wipe the exterior with an acrylic polish used for cleaning plastic sinks. Only fill with distilled water. Check the water level weekly, if necessary add water by removing the splash guard or header at the top while the pump is on and you see bubbles. If water is added on a weekly basis then you need to add bleach every six months. Approx. 1/4 C bleach for a 70"H or taller panel. Use less on smaller panels. Or you can add a regular humidifier cleaning product (1 capful/6 gallons water) or bleach (1 teaspoon/1 gallon water) every 2-3 months.

Group H : All Surfaces

Group H All Surfaces removing Gum:

Remove Gum from natural or painted wood or non-transparent colored plastic or black Touch N' See panel on select wall toys

How to remove gum: apply acetone (nail polish remover) or Goo B' Gone to a clean cloth, rub lightly on natural or painted wood.

*Caution: First test a small section/edge on acrylic mirrors or non-transparent colored plastic or black Touch N' See thermal panels.

CLEANING SOLUTIONS mentioned on this page

Germicidal cleaner Cavicide,  

K2r stain remover  

Capture stain remover

Clorox Anywhere Daily Sanitizing spray

De-Solv-It multi-purpose solvent

Spot clean grease stains with GooGone


Products certified by one of several standards, including Green Seal, Eco-Logo and the U.S. EPA Design for Environment will clean and reduce indoor air pollution risks. The following four Green Seal-certified products can fulfill 90 percentt of most cleaning needs:

Floor cleaner- Stride neutrak floor cleaner
Multipurpose- Alpha accelerated hydrogen peroxide
Glass and Mirror- Glance window cleaner (non-ammonia)

Mold and Mildew- Crew 44 cleaner


DON'T USE abrasive cleansers, window cleaning fluids such as Windex, scouring compounds, spray waxes, gritty cloths or strong solvents such as carbon tetracloride, acetone and alcohol (unless specifically stated above).

NEVER wipe acrylic components (wall toys, play tables, decor water panels), or plastic mirrors with ammonia-based glass cleaners such as Windex or it will cause a permanent milky white streaking.